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VITA Technologies

VITA Technologies are a favorite choice in many critical embedded computing architectures.  VITA Technologies adhere to the open system architecture definition of real-time, modular critical embedded computing systems. The developers within the VITA community are committed to technology excellence.

VITA is an incorporated, non-profit organization of vendors and users having a common market interest in real-time, modular embedded computing systems. VITA is accredited as an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) developer. VITA provides members with the ability to develop and to promote open technology standards.

VITA members have worked together to define and develop key computer bus, board, and system standards such as VMEbus, PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC), VXS, VPX, VNX, FMC and much more. Since VITA's inception in 1984, over100 working groups have been formed to develop specifications and standards important to designers of critical and intelligent embedded systems around the world. Systems from medical imaging to space launch control, semiconductor processing to defense, depend on products based on VITA Technologies.

VITA broke new ground in the area of disclosure and licensing of patents in standards, becoming the first standards developer in the world to receive guidance for 'ex ante' procedures from any legal authority. VITA is frequently cited by the U.S. Department of Justice as a role model for 'ex ante' procedures. Visit the Patents Disclosure page to learn more.

The world depends on VITA Technologies for safety, control, defense, communications, entertainment, transportation, and many other applications.

Critical and intelligent embedded systems are everywhere, become a leader in setting new directions.

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