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OpenVPX Tutorial -- If you think of the OpenVPX specification as being like a reference manual, this tutorial is intended to be like a user's manual. It gives:

  1. An introduction to OpenVPX, which includes some of the background that lead up to it,
  2. Cooling, form factors and connectors,
  3. Blind-mate optical and coax connectors,
  4. Utility Plane including radial clocks and VITA 62 power supply modules,
  5. OpenVPX Slot, Backplane, and Module Profiles, and
  6. Slot Profile and Backplane Profile examples.

This Tutorial has been updated to be in sync with the 2021 versions of OpenVPX (ANSI/VITA 65.0-2021 and ANSI/VITA 65.1-2021). The March 2022 versions update a lot of what is in the Blind-mate optical and coax connector section. Material has also been added on AMPS (Alternative Module Profile Scheme).

Several video tutorials and presentations can be found at VPX Videos.

SpaceVPX Tutorial -- The space community, in recent years has come to the realization that on-board high performance computing platforms are producing and consuming data far beyond the capabilities of current implementations. There is also a stated need to move away from highly optimized custom systems to commercial standards to realize a cost savings across the life-cycle of current and future acquisitions. SpaceVPX, which is an enhanced version of OpenVPX is the answer to these needs. SpaceVPX is focused on developing an enhanced set of backplane specifications that are based upon existing commercial standards with added features required for space applications. It is also focused on increasing interoperability and compatibility between manufacturers and integrators, while simultaneously increasing affordability through the use of standard sets of hardware.

FMC Overview -- FMCs are very popular mezzanine modules designed to work with carrier boards containing a host FPGA. The FMC interfaces over a standard connection to the host with the I/O connections on the FMC making it possible to design very robust and modular computer systems. (ANSI/VITA 57.1)

FMC+ Tutorial -- FMC+ extends the performance of FMC. This tutorial goes through the enhancements and the benefits of the changes. (ANSI/VITA 57.4)

VITA Radio Transport (VRT) A Spectrum Language for Software Defined Radios Tutorial -- Provides an overview of the VITA 49 standards as described and includes an overview of the proposed VITA 49.2 standard which augments  VITA 49.0 with exciter packets and control packets to make a complete transceiver language.

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