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VITA Membership

Now it is more important than ever to become involved with setting the next generation of standards for critical embedded systems technologies. Contact VITA to find out how you can make a difference.


VITA offers two membership tiers, Regular and Sponsor, that provide members with increasing levels of involvement in the organization, along with the many promotional opportunities available on VITA's websites. Member benefits include:

Regular Membership:

  • VITA Standards - VITA provides its members with the ability to develop and to promote open technology standards. VITA is recognized around the world as a premier standards development organization.
  • Social Media - VITA maintains LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube news feeds, forums, and channels to evangelize related industry news and activities.
  • Industry News - Press releases from membership regarding new products, contracts, design wins and VITA technology news are fed daily into our web site.
  • Marketing Alliances - VITA members who are suppliers with common technology interests can focus on the promotion of specific technologies.
  • Analysis and Information - VITA members are updated on technology trends by means of regular communications from the executive director.
  • Embedded Tech Trends - VITA brings top editors, market analysts and speakers to the Embedded Tech Trends forum to exchange information and network with the executives and managers of leading embedded computer companies.
  • Links to Member Web Sites - Links to member web pages are provided from several areas of the VITA web site.
Sponsor Membership:
  • All the benefits of Regular membership
  • Seat on the VITA Board of Directors (BOD) - The BOD responsibilities include:
    • Work with Executive Director setting and maintaining the direction of the organization
    • Advise Executive Director on emerging trends in industry and potential impact on VITA
    • General oversight responsibility over the Executive Director
    • Set Executive Director compensation
    • Elect Chairman of the BOD annually
    • Review and approval of the annual budget and P&L financials
    • Set standard pricing strategy to promote adoption and support on-going member activities
    • Establish annual membership dues
    • Revise the rights and privileges of members
    • Suspend or revoke membership due to gross and willful misconduct or fraudulent behavior
    • Confer Distinguished Fellow status on select members

Membership Tiers

Full access to VITA standards documents for member company internal use
Option to participation in the development and maintenance of VITA standards
Product listings in VITA product directory with links
Inclusion in membership and marketing alliance directories with links
Postings in VITA’s “Industry News”
Permission to use VITA technology logos in product and marketing materials
Eligible to post white papers on VITA web site
Participation in VITA’s Marketing Alliances
Participation in VITA sponsored conferences ($) - Embedded Tech Trends
Access to VITA’s “Members Only” web pages and information
Seat on VITA’s Board of Directors  
($) - Requires additional event or advertisement fees    

Dues are annual.

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