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VITA is much more than a standards development organization. Originally formed as a trade association to promote VMEbus, VITA continues to promote the various standards as developed by the standards working groups. The following are hints on how to maximize your VITA membership. VITA offers two membership tiers that provide members with increasing levels of involvement in the organization, along with the many promotional opportunities available on VITA's websites including our VITA Member Product Directory. Benefits include:

  • VITA Standards - VITA provides its members with the ability to develop and to promote open technology standards. VITA is recognized around the world as a premier standards development organization.
  • Social Media - Social media networking has become an influential marketing tool. We encourage you to follow the VITA social media outlets. Let us know so we can follow back. VITA maintains LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube news feeds, forums, and channels to evangelize related industry news and activities.
  • Industry News - VITA maintains several news columns on our website. We are always looking for content and ideas. Feel free to submit ideas for content and we will get it posted. These news columns match up to VITA communities and membership. Press releases from membership regarding new products, contracts, design wins and VITA technology news are fed daily into our web site via the VITAStandards Twitter feed.
  • VITA Communities - VITA members who are suppliers and developers with common technology interests can focus on the promotion of specific technologies. Community pages contain content specific to the technology area.
  • Online Directories - Members’ products are listed in VITA’s on-line directory. Continuously updated as new product information is entered, this directory is a very popular and useful tool for finding VITA technology based products from member companies.
  • Analysis and Information - VITA members have access to technology trends by means of regular reports provided by VITA. Market data is posted as it is obtained.
  • Embedded Tech Trends - VITA brings top editors, market analysts and speakers to the Embedded Tech Trends forum to exchange information and network with the executives and managers of leading embedded computer companies.
  • Links to VITA Member Web Sites - Links to member web pages are provided from several areas of the VITA web site. Every VITA member company has the option to include a web link back to your company. You might consider creating a custom landing page on your site that better guides visitors to relative information. The purpose of a custom landing page is to offer an on-site visitor with all the necessary information regarding a product, service or an offer, and explain the advantages as well as the context of use to convince them to enter the conversion funnel. Your company’s VITA membership administrator can update the website link so that it is visible to anyone visiting the VITA website.

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