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Market data

VITA strives to bring a variety of market information to its members and the user community.

VITA Market Development Reports

VITA has commissioned market research with Brian Arbuckle, analyst with Embedded Market Research, to gather information on data related to the most popular of VITA standards. The quarterly VITA Market Development Reports contain current information on trends, contracts, and products related to these standards. Embedded Market Research has also released a full market report “World Market for VITA Standards-based Boards and Systems – 2023 Edition”, now available for purchase.

State of VITA Technology Industry Reports

VITA publishes ongoing updates on the industry in our State of VITA Technology Industry Reports, with exclusive viewpoints from Ray Alderman. Ray often has an interesting, and sometimes colorful, view of the factors that influence our industry. 

Business Strategies

Our industry presents its own challenges. Learn how the critical embedded industry operates. Written by Ray Alderman based on his extensive experience in this industry.
How This Bus and Board Industry Works

For more insight into VITA Technology including VME, VPX, XMC, FMC, and more, be sure to also review the latest in published articles.

The information in this section is often from third parties and may not represent official VITA viewpoints. Third party sources are identified for reference. VITA assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

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