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VITA Standards Meetings

VITA members meet every two months to discuss, plan, and develop standards to support the members' interests. Observers are welcome. A meeting registration fee may be charged for attendees.

Future meetings and to register

Meeting agendas and minutes of each VITA meeting are available to VITA members.

Access the VITA Workspace to review.

The VITA Standards meetings are chaired by a representative elected by the VITA membership. See VITA Contacts for the current chair.                                  


Accredited as an American National Standards developer, VITA provides its members with the ability to develop and to promote open technology standards. Standards development takes place in working groups and study groups. VITA has created dozens of standards over the years that promote critical embedded systems. 

VITA was initially accredited as an American National Standards developer in June 1993. The VITA Policies and Procedures describe the general operating policies and rules for VITA Standards meetings, with the goal of serving both VITA members and VITA technology users.  These procedures are periodically audited by ANSI to ensure VITA standards development is consistent with ANSI's methodology.

VITA STandards Working Groups

VITA uses a standards development collaboration tool we call VITA Workspace. To access this tool, you must be a registered member of VITA and active in VITA working groups. Access to individual working group pages requires a VITA Workspace member login. Request access from VITA if needed. 

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