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VNX Community


VNX Community

High performance embedded computing applications have been driving the computer industry to increasingly smaller and more rugged systems. VNX was developed to specifically address the needs of architects designing small form factor embedded computing platforms for those rugged operating environment applications. 


The purpose of the VNX Community is to establish an ecosystem of interested parties that promotes and creates name recognition, as well as grow adoption of VNX technology. The community is responsible for educating, training, and promoting the capabilities of VNX and informing the broader community and media.


The VNX Community is focused on the advancement of the VNX family of technology and other related activities on the roadmap. The VNX Community will promulgate the standards emerging from VITA to develop a relevant ecosystem.

Companies that develop VNX products are encouraged to contact VITA to join the VNX Community.

VNX Overview

The VITA 74 Small Form Factor standard defines both mechanical and electrical standards to implement a small form factor system. The standard addresses a need for a common approach to small-scale systems to be used in a range of applications. The standard encourages multiple vendors to supply components to be used in small systems at various levels, including modules, backplanes, enclosures and completed solutions. The goal is to allow vendor implementation flexibility at the same time as ensuring component interoperability.

In order to take advantage of previous work, the VPX standard has been used as a basis for VNX. The VNX standard takes many of the conventions and leverages the signal definitions into a small form factor environment. The standard adopts the signal mappings, introducing a new high-speed low-cost connector and reduces the number of serial fabric options. The result is a standard that has two serial fabrics, Ethernet and PCI Express. In the interest of keeping the system as simple to implement as possible, a single CPU root node is specified.

The base standard gives details on the mechanical implementation of the system plug-in modules. Two types are defined, 19mm and 12.5mm. Each type addresses a different set of functions. Fabrication of the module enclosure is left to the vendor. In addition, details are provided for the module base carrier board, including connector location, assembly hole locations and component keep-out. The 19mm module has room for a two-board stack. The inter-board connector selection is outside the scope of this standard.

Finally, even though the standard doesn’t specify backplane implementation, details are provided as part of a 4-slot backplane. This can be used as a design starting point for doing a derivative implementation, as defined by the particular application. Also, an example chassis with detail dimensions is given as a starting point for a chassis design. The chassis example can be reproduced in whole or modified a required depending on the requirements.

VNX was expanded to VNX+ under VITA 90.x standards to improve the performance capability of the VNX technology.


VITA-74/ VNX System Prototyping and Development Considerations

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