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Nomination Guidelines

We have developed a simple nomination and selection process that is loosely based on the NFL Hall of Fame process.

Any “fan” may nominate any qualified individual, team of individuals, company, product, or technology to the VITA Technologies Hall of Fame via the nomination form on the Hall of Fame website. The only restriction is that the nominee must have had a significant impact on the critical and intelligent embedded computing industry.

The nominees will be gathered into a ballot at the end of November each year. The ballot will be distributed to the current members of VITA, who will make up the Selection Committee, for online voting. Each member company will have one ballot to select their top choices.

To be elected, a finalist must receive at least 80 percent support from the ballot, with at least five, but no more than 10, candidates being elected annually. If less than five candidates get 80 percent of the vote, then the top five vote-getters will be inducted that year. If more than 10 get 80 percent, then only the top 10 vote-getters will be inducted. There is no set number for any class (people, products, companies, etc.) of inductees.

To assure that older nominees will be considered along with the younger breed, the Seniors Committee, made up of the current VITA Board of Directors, will ensure that at least five candidates active pre-1995 are included on the ballot.

This is a great way for the industry to show our appreciation for the contributions made to make this industry such a success. Be sure to submit your nominations.

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