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Content will be added as available. Times and dates are subject to change once all presentations have been submitted.

 Slot  Time  Title  Speaker  Company
   7:00 AM  Breakfast, Embassy Suites Provided    
 M0  8:00 AM  Opening Remarks / VITA Update  Jerry Gipper  VITA
 M1  8:20 AM  Market Research Update  Brian Arbuckle  Embedded Market Research
 M2  8:40 AM  VITA-57.4: Cost-effective Technologies to Broaden FPGA Use  Romanne Sailleau  TECHWAY
 M3  9:00 AM  Enabling Cutting Edge Capabilities in Open Architecture Systems  Simon Collins  Abaco Systems, Inc.
 M4  9:20 AM  Performance at the Edge: Emerging Trends in Embedded HPC  Jake Braegelmann  New Wave Design & Verification
 M5  9:40 AM  The Latest Trends in Open Standards SoM Interfaces  Matthew Burns  Samtec, Inc.
   10:00 AM  Break    
 M7  10:50 AM  Built per Spec, Design for Performance  Scott Poole  AirBorn
 M8  11:10 AM  10 years of Ethernet networks in VPX Embedded systems  Pierre Ansquer  Interface Concept
 M9  11:30 AM  Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Enable Decision Superiority  Timothy Stewart  Aitech Defense Systems, Inc.
   12:15 PM  Lunch    
   2:00 PM  Sponsor/Media Meetings    
   5:00 PM  Industry Mixer    
   7:00 PM  Open Evening for dinner/appointments with media    
   7:00 AM  Breakfast, Embassy Suites Provided    
 T1  8:00 AM  New Direct RF Technologies Boost Defense Systems  Rodger Hosking  Mercury Systems, Inc.
 T2  8:20 AM  COTS in Space: AMD, TI, NASA, and SpaceVPX Enable an Industry  Kevin Roth  Alpha Data
 T3  8:40 AM  Cores & Threads: Understanding Hybrid Processors for Today's Multitasking World  Aaron Frank  Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions
 T4  9:00 AM  Taking the Guesswork out of RF Specifications  Steve Devore  Leonardo DRS
 T5  9:20 AM  Solving the Unsolvable: How Technology Acceleration is Transforming Information Delivery for New Capabilities  Ken Grob  Elma Electronic Inc.
 T6  9:40 AM  Designing Modularity into Rugged Optical Transceivers Enables Flexible System Solutions  Mark Benton  TE Connectivity
   10:00 AM  Break    
 T7  10:30 AM  Considerations in Architecting an HPEC GPGPU AI/ML System that Aligns to SOSA’s Goals  Chris Fadeley  EIZO Rugged Solutions
 T8  10:50 AM  Achieving the Pipe Dream  Nigel Forrester  Concurrent Technologies Plc
 M6  11:10 AM New Kids on the Supply Chain Block: LEMs  Ethan Plotkin  GDCA
 T9  11:30 AM  OpenVPX Trends and Updates  Greg Rocco  MIT Lincoln Laboratory
 T10  12:00 PM  A Bigger Tent: Expanding VITA into Broader Markets  David Jedynak  Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions
     Closing Remarks  Jerry Gipper  VITA
   12:30 PM  Lunch    
   2:00 PM  Sponsor/Media Meetings    
     Open Evening for dinner/appointments with media    


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