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2017 State of the VITA Technology Industry - Spring Edition

Tuesday, April 04, 2017 9:00 AM | Jerry Gipper (Administrator)

VITA releases the spring edition of the 2017 State of the VITA Technology Industry report.

Well, we have a new president, but not the one that was predicted by the polls. And, we have a new Congress, but not the one predicted by the polls. We have a new Cabinet; Secretary of State, Attorney General, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Defense, etc., but not the ones predicted by anyone. Every government organization except the Department of Agriculture has submitted a list of new weapons platforms and increased military spending recommendations to the Pentagon. U.S. corporations are dropping their plans to offshore their manufacturing and announcing new plants and hiring in our country. The new minimum wage hikes are inspiring industrial engineers to burn the midnight oil, designing completely automated burger-making machines, to replace the newly-expensive workers in the fast food industry. But those displaced workers could soon find better paying jobs in manufacturing, especially at the companies building those burger-making machines. So, in the end, it all balances out. We’ll explore these amazing events and more in this report.

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