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Call for Consensus Body Members to Approve the revised draft of ANSI/VITA 67.3-2022 Coaxial Interconnect on VPX - Spring-Loaded Contact on Backplane

Wednesday, November 08, 2023 3:43 PM | Dean Holman (Administrator)

VITA is accepting registrations to be a member of a public review VITA Consensus Body for voting to revise this standard. You do not have to be a VITA member to participate in this Consensus Body.  VITA members with active Workspace profiles should sign up in Workspace.

VITA Members can sign up for free (while logged into their account) while non-members must pay a nominal fee to participate. The response deadline to register for this consensus body is: November 22, 2023

Revision of Existing Standard

Under ANSI and VITA rules every 5 years an approved standard must be reaffirmed, revised, placed in stabilized maintenance or withdrawn. This standard has been revised; hence it has been put forth for approval of the revisions. The VITA 67.3 working group has completed the draft and has voted to take this draft through to the VITA public review approval process for eventual ANSI recognition.

Consensus body registration for voting to approve this revised standard is now open.

DRAFT/VITA 67.3-2023x - Coaxial Interconnect on VPX, Spring-Loaded Contact on Backplane

Abstract: This document describes an open standard for configuration and interconnect within the structure of VITA 67.0 enabling an interface compatible with VITA 46 containing multi-position blind mate analog connectors with coaxial contacts, having fixed contacts on the Plug-In Module and spring action on the backplane.  This revision adds 75-Ohm SMPM and 75-Ohm NanoRF contact interfaces to support video applications.

How to Apply for the Consensus Body

Currently, this consensus body needs voting members from the following interest categories in order to be able to proceed with this process. The consensus body will be vetted to ensure it meets balance, lack of dominance and openness rules. Following which a formal ballot will be sent to the consensus body for voting.

  • Producer: An appropriate participant designs, develops, or manufactures products using this standard.
  • User-Industrial/Commercial: An appropriate participant is using this standard in an industrial or commercial application
  • User-Government/Military: An appropriate participant is a representative of a government agency using this standard in a government or military application.
  • Research: An appropriate participant is involved in research or consulting that may use this standard.
  • General Interest: An appropriate participant is an interested party not necessarily involved in producing, directly using, or acquiring product using this standard.

Please note that company membership in VITA is NOT a requirement to join this consensus body. This registration is open to both VITA members and non-members. You must register via this form if you wish to participate in the upcoming ballot. VITA Members can sign up for free (while logged into their account) while non-members must pay a nominal fee to participate.

In the case that you believe this standard needs a revision, please indicate so in the comments field of the registration form and be prepared to sponsor and actively participate in the revision effort. If you are selected for the consensus body, you may provide minor editorial comments during the balloting.

Please register here ONLY IF you intend to vote. The ballot will be voided if we do not get enough returned votes.

The VITA policies and ANSI Function can be found on our governance page at

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